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Individualized Patient Care with Operational Savings

The Argos Monitor is designed to expand clinical utilization of data-driven care protocols with sophisticated, high quality cardiac data.

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    Facilitates clinical team communication and coordination to improve patient care and reduce complications.

    • Hemodynamic guided-care is proven to reduce costly complications1
    • Compatible with over 40 EMR systems
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    Eliminates per patient cost without additional proprietary consumable

    • Leverages patient’s existing arterial line
    • Significant operational savings with 5-year cost of ownership vs. leading competitor2


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  1. Fellahi, JL., Futier, E., Vaisse, C. et al. Perioperative hemodynamic optimization: from guidelines to implementation—an experts’ opinion paper. Ann. Intensive Care 11, 58 (2021).
  2. Internal analysis. On file.

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