The Argos Cardiac Output Monitor Interface is Declared Compatible with Philips IntelliBridge, Enabling Seamless Data Transfer to Hospital Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems

VALHALLA, N.Y., March 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Retia Medical today announced that it received a Declaration of Compatibility from Philips for its Argos Cardiac Output Monitor to interface with Philips IntelliBridge system on the IntelliVue patient monitoring systems. The Argos Monitor is now a compatible and “supported device” for Philips IntelliVue Patient Monitoring Systems using the Philips IntelliBridge Interface Module, the IntelliBridge integral Interface Board, or Patient Information Center iX.

“We are pleased to have received confirmation that the Argos is a supported medical device with market-leading Philips IntelliVue Patient Monitoring Systems.  This “supported device” designation from Philips will allow more hospitals to have their patients’ Argos-generated data seamlessly transitioned over to the hospital’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system,” said Marc Zemel, co-founder and CEO of Retia Medical. “Healthcare organizations look for medical devices that enable data sharing across the healthcare landscape.  The Argos monitor is an integral part of the patient care continuum by providing reliable hemodynamic data to guide clinical decision making.  Interoperability of the Argos with enterprise patient monitoring systems and electronic medical  records (EMR) is essential to achieving the goal of better health outcomes.”

Compatibility with Philips’ IntelliVue and IntelliBridge systems adds to the growing list of Argos’ existing EMR functionality such as Capsule Technologies and Masimo’s EMR middleware. Argos customers now have more pathways to incorporate Argos’ clinical data into the patient’s EMR allowing hospitals to streamline workflows in both their ORs and ICUs.

** Specifically, Philips Patient Monitoring Systems IntelliVue MP40-90 and MX400-800 using the Philips IntelliBridge EC10 Interface Module, IntelliBridge EC10 integral Interface Board or Philips IntelliBridge System Release C.0 and Patient Information Center iX using the EC40/80 Hub with Open Interface driver (ED/BD101) and EC5 ID Module #104.

About Retia Medical

Retia Medical’s Argos Monitor, with its Multi-Beat Analysis (MBA) algorithm, eliminates a critical problem with older cardiac output technologies.  By analyzing multiple heart beats (MBA) and not just one single beat at a time, the Argos provides consistently accurate hemodynamic measurements for critically ill adult patients, enabling clinicians to make more informed, data-driven decisions to improve end-organ perfusion.  Additionally, the Argos system is unique in its class by not requiring costly disposables to monitor each patient, and is available at a low, fixed capital cost. Setting up the minimally invasive Argos requires a single cable connection and takes less than 2 minutes to start monitoring.  Learn more at

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