Retia Medical’s Industry-Leading Argos Cardiac Output Monitors Now Used at The Johns Hopkins Hospital

VALHALLA, NY – Retia Medical is pleased to announce the successful installation of its Argos Cardiac Output monitor at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. This gives Johns Hopkins physicians access to Retia Medical’s industry-leading hemodynamic monitoring technology to help optimize cardiac function during volume and pressor resuscitation of critically ill patients. 

Marc Zemel, co-Founder and CEO of Retia Medical, said, “We are pleased to provide our advanced hemodynamic monitoring technology to one of the leading healthcare institutions in the world. We look forward to supporting their world-class care team’s use of the Argos Monitor to assess the cardiovascular status of their critically ill patients.” 

Retia Medical’s Argos Monitor, with its Multi-Beat Analysis (MBATM) algorithm, is minimally invasive and provides consistently accurate hemodynamic measurements for critically ill adult patients, enabling clinicians to make more informed, data-driven decisions to improve end-organ perfusion. Additionally, the Argos system is unique in its class by not requiring costly disposables and is made available at a low, fixed capital cost. Setting up the Argos requires a single cable connection and takes less than 2 minutes to start monitoring. 

Retia Medical is proud to positively impact patient care in the US and internationally as more hospitals continue incorporating the Argos Monitor into their standards of care.