Retia Medical Receives Purchase Orders From Three of the Top Five Hospitals in the United States

Valhalla, N.Y., October 30, 2019Retia Medical, LLC announced today that three of the top five U.S. hospitals completed a purchase of a large number of Argos Hemodynamic Monitors. The hospitals, each rated by US News and World Report, are high performing in a broad range of key adult procedures and specialties. The Argos Monitors will be installed in multiple high-risk operating rooms and intensive care units in each hospital. For each hospital, their competitive bid processes involved extensive clinical review and technology value analysis by their internal committees.

Since being introduced in the U.S. market, numerous hospital systems have evaluated and adopted the Argos in their ORs and ICUs. The momentum is building as more anesthesiologists and intensivists have appreciated the ability of the Argos monitor to help them detect, diagnose and manage their patients in circulatory shock. Several studies have shown that optimal treatment of circulatory shock can help reduce mortality and complications such as acute kidney injury and myocardial injury after non-cardiac surgery.

Marc Zemel, Retia Medical’s CEO noted, “It is a tremendous honor and we are humbled that such high-quality institutions have chosen to place their trust in our company and the Argos for monitoring their most critically ill patients. Their individual and collective decisions to purchase Argos monitors speaks to how compelling a solution the Argos is in terms of its superior accuracy, simplified integration into clinical work flow and cost effectiveness. It is rewarding to know that with the Argos monitor, we are enabling the outstanding clinicians at each of these leading medical centers to provide better outcomes for their patients.”

About the Argos Cardiac Output Monitor

Retia Medical designed the Argos Cardiac Output (CO) Monitor to provide members of the Critical Care team in the operating room and intensive care unit a more accurate, intuitive and affordable hemodynamic monitor that supports confident, data-driven patient care decision making.

Equipped with Retia’s proprietary MBA™ algorithm, which uses advanced signal processing to improve the model of circulation and enables accurate tracking of both fluid and pressor resuscitation, the Argos Monitor seamlessly combines accuracy, ease of use, EMR connectivity and cost-effectiveness.

About Retia Medical

Retia Medical aims to advance the use of CO monitoring to improve patient care by providing members of the critical care team with a more accurate, easy-to-use, and affordable hemodynamic monitor that supports confident, data-driven decisions.

Retia brings together industry-leading expertise in physiology, signal processing, and computational algorithms to engineer innovative monitoring solutions that give clinicians up-to-the-minute data that they can rely on to make informed patient care decisions. Additionally, Retia is committed to offering more clinicians access to CO monitoring by reducing the high per-patient cost and inconvenience that often limit the use of traditional CO technologies to the most high-risk patients. For additional information, please visit


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