Retia Medical Premieres at the American Society of Anesthesiology 2018 Meeting in San Francisco

-World-Class Clinical Advisory Board for Retia Medical meets there to discuss future potential breakthroughs for the company.

Retia Medical was a source of great excitement with over 10,000 anesthesiology participants in attendance from October 13 – 17, 2018. Cardiac, critical care, trauma and other anesthesiologists were impressed with the Argos Monitor’s superior accuracy, ease of use and cost effectiveness. Doctors who have already piloted the monitor in their hospitals as well as those seeing it for the first time are eager to purchase as soon as the FDA clearance comes through. The idea that clinicians could continuously, accurately monitor cardiac output at every critical care bed was welcome. Anesthesiologists immediately appreciated the ease of use and significant cost savings afforded by the no-disposables Argos monitor. They agreed that the Retia Argos monitor will assist them in quickly diagnosing the patient shock state and guiding therapy. In addition, Retia generated quite a buzz among potential commercial collaborators and distribution partners who were all intrigued by the intuitive user interface which will require very little training for clinicians to use.









Retia Medical, LLC brings together industry-leading expertise in physiology, signal processing and computational algorithms to engineer innovative monitoring solutions that give clinicians up-to-the minute data that they can rely on to make informed patient care decisions. Additionally, Retia is committed to giving more clinicians access to CO monitoring by reducing the cost and inconvenience that limit the use of traditional CO technologies to the most high-risk patients.