Retia Medical Announces Partnership with CTI for broad US Market Coverage

Valhalla, NY – July 30, 2019 – Retia Medical, LLC, a medical device company focused on transforming the practice of critical care by making accurate hemodynamic data available and affordable for use at every bed, today announced the joining of efforts with CTI, based in Cleveland, Ohio.  Marc Zemel, Retia Medical’s CEO states “Critically ill patients in every part of the country should have access to this important technology and we are excited to begin this partnership with CTI to deliver our   innovative technology to clinicians throughout the US.” Kent Krafft, Vice President of CTI, describes: “As a specialty medical distributor, Clinical Technology strives to identify and represent manufacturers providing innovation to solve clinician challenges in a variety of departments”. Their focus is to help these medical companies expand nationally by providing efficient and cost-effective marketing and clinical sales support.

CTI’s goal is to improve the way healthcare is provided by focusing on products that:

  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Prevent infection
  • Cure infection
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase revenue
  • Assist in regulatory compliance



Kent Krafft further states “We are excited about our relationship with Retia and the new Argos CO monitor, which is the first device that fulfills all of our target benefits. We believe the Argos CO Monitor’s ease of use and cost effectiveness will enable clinicians to monitor more patients with improved accuracy resulting in shorter LOS and increased patient safety.”


About the Argos Cardiac Output Monitor

Retia Medical designed the Argos Cardiac Output (CO) Monitor to provide members of the Critical Care team in the operating room and intensive care unit with a more accurate, intuitive and affordable hemodynamic monitor that supports confident, data-driven patient care decision making.

Equipped with Retia’s proprietary MBA™ algorithm, which uses advanced signal processing to improve the model of circulation and enables accurate tracking of both fluid and pressor resuscitation, the Argos Monitor seamlessly combines accuracy, ease of use, EMR connectivity and cost-effectiveness.

About Retia Medial

Retia Medical aims to advance the use of CO monitoring to improve patient care by providing members of the critical care team with a more accurate, easy-to-use, and affordable hemodynamic monitor that supports confident, data-driven decisions.

Retia brings together industry-leading expertise in physiology, signal processing, and computational algorithms to engineer innovative monitoring solutions that give clinicians up-to-the-minute data that they can rely on to make informed patient care decisions. Additionally, Retia is committed to offering more clinicians access to CO monitoring by reducing the cost and inconvenience that limit the use of traditional CO technologies to the most high-risk patients. For additional information, please visit


Corporate Contact:

Jayne Peister

(914) 594-1986