We Stand Beside You in
the Fight Against COVID-19


If you’re a hospital in a COVID-19 pandemic hotspot, we’re here to help. Retia Medical will be providing as many Argos Cardiac Output (CO) Monitors as possible to hospitals with COVID-19 patients for 90 days free of charge.

Our commitment to supporting providers on the front line is unwavering. In March, we began loaning monitoring devices to hospitals in New York and New Jersey and have expanded the program nationally. Our goal is to help thousands of patients and we’re resolved to do all that we can to contribute during this critical time of need.

The Argos monitor can reduce time that patients, such as COVID-19, spend on mechanical ventilation by 30 to 50 percent, freeing up this vital resource. Retia Medical’s monitor is streamlined for rapid setup (< 1 minute) and does not require clinicians to exit critical care areas for disposables, reducing consumption of limited PPE and lowering potential for infection.

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