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Accurate Hemodynamic Data Guides Care Decisions

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Argos® Cardiac Output Monitor

Consistently Accurate Hemodynamic Data

Implement data-driven care protocols for high-risk patients

It is Time to Reinvent Hemodynamic Monitoring

Introducing the
Argos® Cardiac Output Monitor

In critical situations, accuracy of hemodynamic data is integral to the care team’s interventions. The advanced Multi-Beat Analysis (MBA™) algorithm in the Argos Monitor provides consistently accurate data to guide care for high-risk patients. The system helps clinicians optimize perfusion and oxygen delivery to meet metabolic demands and protect vital organs.

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The Argos remains precise across a myriad of conditions and in my experience, is superior to other cardiac output monitors on the market.”

- Dr. Benjamin Kohl, Vice Chair of Critical Care, Thomas Jefferson University

Better Data Supports Enhanced Recovery
Broad Application Across Multiple Clinical Settings


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Perioperative Goal Directed Fluid Therapy: Tools, Tips, and Tricks of the Trade

Dr. Edwin G. Avery IV
Cardiac Anesthesiologist and Chair, Transfusion Committee, UH Cleveland Medical Center